The Full Pike LLC offers Turn-key Corporate Event Production Services Globally

Press release June 30, 2016

With over 22 years in the industry, Felix Pike brings his extensive experience in event production to his new solo venture, The Full Pike LLC as owner executive producer.  The Australian-born Pike has worked across four continents in a wide array of capacities for high-profile special events including the Sydney Olympics 2000 (Australia,) The Miramax Oscar After-Party for Harvey Weinstein (Los Angeles,) The Golden Globe Awards (Los Angeles) and The VH-1 Music Awards (Miami.)   

Miami corporations Bacardi, Telefonica USA, BizBash Publications and Glitz Network South America have all benefited from Pike’s talent in his previous role with premiere south Florida audio visual company Media Stage from 2007-2015.  For each client, Pike conceived and designed a custom stage set and utilized 3D mapping projection technology with breath-taking results. 

The Full Pike LLC was conceived in response to identifying the need to offer more creative and dynamic production solutions, resources and emerging technologies to the event production community on a global basis.  

 “I saw a need for my unique skill set within the industry and wanted to make my capabilities available to more clients.  I have such broad and varied experience in a number of categories for event production that by hiring The Full Pike, your spend will go farther without having to hire multiple vendors.  It’s a one-stop-shop,”  said Pike.   

Another highly sought-after talent offered by Pike includes Voice of God, MC, Announcer and commercial voice over work.  Pike’s hybrid accent of Australian and American combines with his command of English and other languages to offer his clients an impressive voice, other times writing his own scripts.  Felix has applied these capabilities to elevate the events of elite biomedical and Fortune 500 companies globally and in the States for the last decade.

Utilizing his expertise as a creative visionary, Pike is an uncommon, multi-faceted event producer who exudes a commanding presence, running production teams responsibly, within budget and with impeccable precision.

And what about the name of the company, "The Full Pike?"  Felix says,  “The “full pike” is also one of, if not the most challenging of Olympic high diving maneuvers to execute. When completed with precision, confidence and flair, it receives a perfect score from all of the judges. My company strives to give all who work with us ‘The FULL PIKE experience,’  achieving a successful event with a perfect score and world class results.”

DON’T HESITATE BUT CONTACT US NOW! Felix Pike of The Full Pike is in high demand.   

ASK THE PRODUCER! Vol. 1: What is it that you do?

A Blog by A. Felix Pike, Executive Producer & Founder: The Full Pike LLC.


Do you have friends or associates that you really aren't sure what they do for a living? Perhaps they've told you so many times that you are too embarrassed to ask again or you still don’t really “get it?” Or maybe you think you know what they do but when they ask, you describe something that …isn't actually what they do?? 


The title of Producer is often perceived vaguely and open to a lot of interpretation.  I specifically produce corporate conferences, business meetings and associated special events here in the US and around the world. Think of a rock concert or a theater presentation…there are large video screens, moving lights and at times loud music, but the ‘talent’ on my stages are CEOs, Global Vice Presidents, Marketing Directors and Sales People. 

After receiving the RFP, I begin the process by doing as much listening as possible, learning all about the company, its brand, mission, core values and it’s goals, usually for the next quarter, year etc. I then begin working closely with the client on developing engaging, unique and appropriate content for the program that often runs for up to 3-4 days, sometimes a week.

I then design a custom stage or event space, integrated with state of the art audio-visual technology to enhance my client’s most important communications… and hopefully beyond their expectations. The Full Pike also consults our clients as to venue or location, any theatrical theme/s, satellite events, décor, music selection, entertainment, show agenda and overall production value required.

I then personally supervise ‘the build’ and produce the program live onsite as the Technical Director or ‘Show Caller’. I can also seamlessly offer the services of a ‘Voice Of God’ Announcer, be it to introduce the CEO, keynote speaker or announce the awardees at your annual gala.

My company provides genuine turnkey event production solutions from start to finish. I’m a proudly dynamic and creative staging professional with 22 years experience across four continents that will be your seamless partner from the site survey to the final curtain...


As an independent contractor, I am now able to work for a variety of clients who require my production expertise.  This includes Fortune 500 companies, corporate groups and associations, AV companies, creative directors, other event producers, meeting planners, DMCs (destination management companies), concert promoters, recording and touring artists, civic and special event providers.  I also am hired as a subcontractor to other production companies, filling gaps in design, leadership and production management where needed, seamlessly and discretely.


As Executive Producer, I work with the client from the beginning consultation to actually producing and calling the show on site, the day of.

I supervise the formulation of a show agenda, write up technical cues sheets, often provide scripting consultation and conduct speaker training onsite. I'm also responsible for the integration of Audio Visuals, custom staging and other emerging technologies (such as mobile device event applications and interactive touch screens) into the general session location and event common areas. I strive for harmony between all these elements so my event ‘breathes’ as one. 

I then see the project through to fruition, producing the event live, taking position at the ‘control booth’ often at back of the room on the headset giving technical direction, making all professional announcements and providing leadership for all production staff. I essentially conduct the 'show call’ from doors open through to the final curtain...


Based in Miami Beach, Florida -  The United States - The Caribbean - The U.K. - Europe - The Middle East- Asia - Australia - World Wide!

From the Sydney Olympics to the Grammys in Los Angeles to Fortune 500 events in Miami and around the globe, we’ve dealt with almost every conceivable scenario in just about all conditions and remote locations.

Still have questions? ASK THE PRODUCER! & CONTACT Felix today.